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Last Update: 12th Jan 2017
*Critical: Ages Below Critical Book 1 translation is complete (currently editing).
Currently translating Critical: Ages Below Critical Book 2, Han Geng's Midnight and Tiny Times 1.0.

[Update 2nd March 2016] The serialisation of L.O.R.D (Critical) that paused for five years is starting again. However, the contents have changed and therefore I will be reposting the edited chapters according to the parts being published. Previous version will not be removed as of the moment.

Please direct all questions to bideahn@twitter, epikey@tumblr
Questions posted on lj will not be answered.

With Han Geng @ Midnight

Published: December 2015
Translation: epikey@tumblr

Prelude: This is for all of you, the ever-present guests in my life.
09 Night 1: Good-bye, Childhood
25 Night 2: Wandering, Old Times (Part 1)
46 Night 2: Wandering, Old Times (Part 2)
68 Night 2: Wandering, Old Times (Part 3)
87 Night 3: Encounter, Lonely No More
105 Night 4: Those Bygone Years, My Stirring Heart (Part 1)
114 Night 4: Those Bygone Years, My Stirring Heart (Part 2)

Cry Me A Sad River

Author: Guo Jingming
Published: 2007
Translation: epikey@tumblr

Summary: (Cry Me A Sad River is) about a pregnant high school student who kills herself. - The New York Times, 2013

Episode One: Part 1 to 7
Episode One: Part 8 to 12
Episode One: Part 13
Episode Two: Part 14
Episode Two: Part 15
Episode Two: Part 16
Episode Two: Part 17 to 18

L.O.R.D (Legend of Ravaging Dynasties) Terms
Book translations can be found at zhuanji@livejournal
Translated by: epikey@tumblr

Translated terminology (book) -- Film terminology

Lord -- Duke
Immortal Lord -- Eternal duke
Soul Masters -- Magicians
Previous top disciple -- Former disciple I
Silver Priest -- (The) Priest
Pallid Youth -- Teenager
Soul power -- Soul power
Soul bending -- Soul magic capacities
Soul weapon -- Horcrux
Soul’s return circuit -- Loop path/soul loop
Soul beast -- Soul beast
Killing Lord -- Killing lord (Duke???)
Bestowment of a seal -- Conferring a seal
Earth (element) -- Soil
Lord’s Seal -- Mark of the duke
Mirror of Dead Souls (Second Lord’s Soul Weapon) -- Wraith Mirror
Skirt of the Goddess -- Hem of Goddess
Sishya Fruit -- Hisya Fruit
Eye of the Goddess (Sishya) -- Eye of Priest (Hisya)
Chess piece -- Chess
Golden soul mist -- Golden fog

Aslan Empire -- Ashland kingdom
Fauser (Town) -- Fuzu/Fuze town
Rennes -- Ryen
Surrounding waters of Rennes -- Ryen Strait
Relic of Youtuer -- Utool Ruins
Gelanterte (Imperial Capital) -- Glanort (capital)
Mainland -- Continent
Grave of the Souls -- Soul Mound
Immortal Island -- Eternal Island

Xiuchuan Dizang (Top lord) -- Kshitigarbha (Duke I)
Gilgamesh (Previous Top Lord) -- Gilgamesh
Nether (Second Lord) -- Dark (Duke II)
Shen Yin (Second Disciple -- Shen Yin
Qi La (Third Lord) -- Zillah
Thalia/Teresa (Fourth Lord, female lord) -- Tereya (Duchess)
Ni Hong (Fourth Disciple) -- Neon
Guishan Fenghun (Fifth Lord) -- Feng When (Duke V)
Guishan Lianquan (Fifth Disciple) -- Lotus
Xiliuer (Sixth Lord) -- Hillure (Duke VI)
Tianshu Youhua (Sixth Disciple) -- Tenso Yuka
Yin Chen (Seventh Lord) -- Silver
Qi Ling (Seventh Disciple) -- Chiling

Bing Mo -- Frost Raccoon
Cang Xue Zhi Ya -- Ice Fang

L.O.R.D (New Version)
Movie Title: L.O.R.D (Legend of Ravaging Dynasties)

Author: Guo Jingming
Published: 2016
Translation: epikey@tumblr
***Thalia = Teresa. Guishan Lianquan = Lotus.

Volume 1: Divine Beginning
Section 1: Fauser's Mysterious Visitor
Section 2: Gu Die Lijier
Section 3: Noble Lords
Section 4: Engulf
Section 5: Genuine and Sham Information

Volume 2: Bestowment of the Seal
Section 6: Monster
Section 7: Secret of Rennes
Section 8: The Dark Night has Gone
Section 9: Dawn's First Encounter
Section 10: Golden Glow

Critical: Ages Below Critical
Movie Title: L.O.R.D (Legend of Ravaging Dynasties)

Author: Guo Jingming
Published: 2010
Translation: epikey@tumblr

Background Information

Main Character Profiles
Side Character Profiles (incomplete)

Ages Below Critical 1
He wears the ice and frost on his shoulders; he is the proud and aloof Cavalier of the last age.
Prologue: A Mystical Encounter
Chapter 1 Part 1: The Third Red Dot
Chapter 1 Part 2
Chapter 2 Part 1: Bestowment of the Seal
Chapter 2 Part 2
Chapter 3 Part 1: Tactic Understanding
Chapter 3 Part 2
Chapter 4 Part 1: Birth of the Soul
Chapter 4 Part 2
Chapter 5 Part 1: Golden Soul Mist
Chapter 5 Part 2
Chapter 6 Part 1: Grand Angel
Chapter 6 Part 2
Chapter 7 Part 1: Relic of Youtuer
Chapter 7 Part 2
Chapter 7 Part 3
Chapter 8 Part 1: The Distant Carnage
Chapter 8 Part 2
Chapter 9 Part 1: The Corroders
Chapter 9 Part 2
Chapter 10 Part 1: Soul-eating Beasts
Chapter 10 Part 2
Chapter 11: Messenger of the Departed Souls
Chapter 12: Secondary Rainbow

Ages Below Critical 2
Legends state that, the black-eyed people are those who have already passed on or have lost their souls.

Chapter 13 Part 1: Method of the Dead Man
Chapter 13 Part 2
Chapter 14 Part 1: Skirt of the Goddess
Chapter 14 Part 2
Chapter 14 Part 3
Chapter 15 Part 1: Hell on Earth
Chapter 15 Part 2
Chapter 16 Part 1: The World Faraway
Chapter 16 Part 2
Chapter 16 Part 3
Chapter 17 Part 1: Cause
Chapter 17 Part 2
Epilogue: Lord to the Zeroth Degree

Official FAQ
Official FAQ (Dumb Questions Dumb Answers)

I Live Your Life (ZUINK IV)
我只能 短暂地 陪你一辈子 (I can only accompany you for this short lifetime)

Editor-in-chief: Guo Jingming
Published: 2015.05
Translation: epikey@tumblr
This is a book from the ZUINK series where the theme is animals.

006 Farewell | Words by Di An

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